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Parent FAQs.

Extensive immersive interviewing preparation (in person, formalized)

An immersive interview experience in preparation for college scholarship interviews. After teaching the student how to interview at peak performance, we conduct multiple mock interview sessions.

One-on-one consulting (in person, over the phone or via Skype)

One-on-one consulting on any topic related to the college application process. This service is completely individualized to the student's needs.

Services Offered and rates:

Q: What services does Zoom Ahead provide? 
First, we help students navigate the college application process. We do one-on-one consulting on any related topics as well as provide seminars called "Jump Start your College Apps!" This seminar helps students through the entire college application process from identifying colleges, completing applications, fine-tuning essays, determining available scholarships and obtaining compelling teacher recommendations. The college application process is an extremely stressful experience and my goal is to help keep students from experiencing a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Q: What are some common questions by students?

There is actually a huge amount of pre-work that can be done during the summer to make the process so much easier. I use an 8-step framework that I developed while helping my 2 youngest children with their applications. Many students have come to me saying, "I don't know where to start, it's so overwhelming." They don't know how to pick essay topics and have a lack the knowledge of how to write a compelling essay that differentiates them from other applicants. 

Another fear is, "How am I going to write all of my applications with my heavy A.P. course load in the fall?"  My 8-step framework has proven to de-mystify the entire application process. It includes an organizational methodology, worksheets, Google docs, sample essays, sample past essay questions from top colleges, and how to find and apply for scholarships. It also has a 'tips section' from other successful students and scholarship winners. Most importantly though, I give them the motivation to get started in the summer which is so important to doing an outstanding job.

Students that I have previously coached say that it has been invaluable and has basically "saved them" during their senior year.

Q: What other services do you provide?
Another service offered by Zoom Ahead Consulting is interview preparation.  I meet with students one-on-one to teach them how to excel at interviewing and express/sell their accomplishments. The young adults of today have done amazing things but they don't understand the keys to selling themselves. When it comes time to interview for scholarships, college and med school entrance, summer internships, or first jobs, the students need tools and key insights to excel. I am a true believer that the best/most-qualified candidate does not always win, but rather, it is the best communicator of their qualities and experience that wins.

Let's face it, there are so many candidates that are qualified and have the trifecta of excellence in "academics, athletics and leadership skills' that it’s hard for them to set themselves apart. My ultimate goal is to work with students until they are interviewing at their peak performance and have obtained the "wow factor". The "wow factor" is when the interviewer walks away from meeting the student and goes,” Wow, we have to have them" or "Wow, they are the best candidate I've met all day!"

I feel very blessed to have worked with wonderful students and am so very proud of their accomplishments. I have coached many students that have received their dream internships or scholarships after attending my coaching sessions. I most recently coached a USC student that is applying for an interview with the top think tank in D.C. How cool is that?

Q: What are your qualifications for this? 

I have over 30 years of experience in a variety of recruiting and interviewing roles across many different industries. I am a CPA and have an MBA from Northwestern University. 

  • I have done on-campus interviewing for Coopers & Lybrand CPA firm, General Mills and Kraft General Foods.
  • I spent 20 years in executive search specializing in placing MBA's with packaged goods marketing work experience. I was the #1 producer at the firm for many of the years, which I attribute to my unique and insightful interview preparation of candidates.
  • I have conducted extensive interview prep for high schoolers seeking the UNC Morehead, NCSU Park, Duke Robertson, UNCW Chancellor and USC scholarships. 100% of my candidates have won scholarships.
  • At NCSSM, I have prepped students for Skype, phone and in-person college interviews for Ivy League schools including Yale, Princeton, MIT, Georgetown, UPenn, Northwestern, Harvard, and Stanford.
  • I have prepped many college students for internships and full time positions.

I have a love for helping students reach their greatest potential. My ultimate goal is to help each of them reach their academic and career goals. It's all about helping students succeed in life!!

Jump Start Your College Apps Seminar

This is a 3-hour seminar that provides an 8-step framework for demystifying the college application process and detailing how students can best optimize their personal presentation to colleges. Seminars held in Winston Salem, Clemmons and Durham. Other locations, based upon demand. Cost: $275 per family. Both students and their parents are welcome.

Contact Nancy Phillips at 336-287-4222 or email Nancy@ZoomAhead.org  to discuss upcoming dates or to schedule consulting sessions.