NCSSM Senior, Park Scholar recipient at NC State
"Working with Mrs. Phillips was the single best thing I did in the college application process. The college admissions process can be very daunting, and it's hard to find out where to begin. Her help in organizing my approach made the process so much more efficient and effective. Because she motivated me to start my application process in the summer, I was able to survive the fall of my senior year. My essays were so much better because of the work I did in advance (instead of last minute cramming to meet the deadlines). I also used her services to coach me in the scholarship interviewing process which was the most crucial to my success. Her interview prep taught me how to impress the selection committee. Through her help, I won full-ride scholarships to NC State and the University of Nebraska and full-tuition scholarships to UNC Chapel Hill and Drake University. I will be grateful to her for the rest of my life." - Dominick

Junior, UNC Chapel Hill, Morehead Scholar (NCSSM Alumni)

"Mrs. Phillips is the perfect mentor. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable and insightful, she really cares about each student. She will guide you to give the most outstanding presentation of yourself for college applications and interviews.  Her JumpStart seminar will save you your senior year." - Morgan

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Student Testimonials

Junior, UNC Chapel Hill  (NCSSM Alumni) 
"Mrs. Phillips helped me with topic material and structure for my college application essays and for interview questions. She knows all the ins and outs of what colleges like to see, and she knows how to help you best describe yourself and your experiences in a positive and honest manner." - Daniel

Sophomore, USC

"Working with Mrs. Phillips taught me not only invaluable strategies for acing interviews, but also usable skills for navigating the business world in general. Before we worked together, I regret to say I believed my interview prowess was more than adequate; I simply wanted just a bit of professional advice. However, as our talk went on, it's slowly dawned on me just how unprepared I really was. Her incredible breath of knowledge, high-level ability in instruction, and keen attention to my own personal strengths and weaknesses made for an eye-opening experience. It was one I will not soon forget, and will continue to utilize in the ever-onward quest for perfection." - Eric

Sophomore, UNC Chapel Hill, Morehead Scholar

"With Nancy's help, I was able to go into my scholarship interviews feeling confident and prepared. She didn't change anything about me, she simply gave me the tools I needed to present my dreams and accomplishments in the best way possible. And that made all the difference." - Allison

Junior, NCSSM

"Mrs. Phillips 'Jump Start' coaching was the best college coaching I've ever received. I worked with her prior to my junior year. It was invaluable information and helped me focus on my goals for college and the application process." - Ryan