Is it Personal?

Yes! We offer one-on-one consulting (in person, over the phone, or via Skype) on any topic related to applying or interviewing for college. Our seminars are limited to 6 families per session.

College Application & Interviewing Specialists

Is it Time Saving?

Absolutely! We provide a step-by-step guide and include pre-formatted google docs for organizing your college and personal information.

Zoom Ahead Consulting

We help make your College dreams a reality

Is it Effective?

Extremely! We help you organize personal and college information and plan essays. We share key tips gained from prior student successes. Our interview prep will vastly improve your personal presentation skills.

Zoom Ahead Consulting specializes in preparing high school students for the daunting college application process. We have developed an 8-step framework that guides students through the entire application process.

     - Do you need tips on how to best represent yourself to colleges?

     - Are you struggling with the common application essay?

     - Do you need tips on how to streamline the entire process?

     - Are you looking for information about scholarships and financial aid?

We also offer interviewing skills for students when interviews are required for scholarships and elite schools.


          Is your child ready to

         "shoot for the stars"?